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Guided Redfish Pictures

I run a Louisiana fly fishing guiNew Orleans Redfish Guide - Online Bookingde charter service for redfish out of New Orleans. You will catch redfish all year in the Biloxi Marsh below of New Orleans.  Below are images of redfish from all times of the year and with lots of happy fishermen.  The redfish pictures below should get your heart pumping and you ready for your next adventure sight fishing on the Louisiana Flats for redfish. 

If you have taken a guided redfishing trip with me please send me your photo's so I can show them off to the world.  You worked hard to hook your redfish and you should be recognized for your efforts!  If you want to see what my happy clients have to say about me. You can also contact me or book a redfishing trip online.

Redfish are beautiful fish with large spots on their tails, sometimes spots everywhere, and growing over 25 pounds.  Out of New Orleans, Louisiana there is the best redfishing in the world. Our redfish crawl on their bellies on our shallow mud flats eating crabs and shrimp while their backs hang out of the water, it is sight fishing paradise on the fly or with conventional tackle.

When you are looking for a fly fishing guide in New Orleans contact me and I will get you on redfish.  Book your next guided redfish trip online now!