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I am a professional charter guide with years of experience fly fishing New Orleans Louisiana redfish.  I have guided anglers on countless Louisiana fly fishing redfish guide charters and site fishing trips.  I will get you on the redfish and you will have a blast doing it! Learn about Captain John Iverson here or call

Book a Redfishing Guide Trip OnlineFly fishing the Louisiana saltwater marsh and bayous below New Orleans Louisiana, known as the Biloxi marsh, is one of the greatest  fisheries in the united states and the best in the world for fly fishing Louisiana redfish. The fertile Mississippi river feeds the New Orleans saltwater marsh environment which leads to incredible fly fishing for big redfish. Your Louisiana redfish are massive, mean and readily take flys. These bull redfish make runs like bulldogs and can easily double over your fly rod and put you into the backing of the fly line. Louisiana redfish swim in such shallow clear water you actually see the entire body as it swims silently which make them great fly fishing targets.

New Orleans Louisiana is the best destination in the world for booking your saltwater fly fishing redfish charter. Stay in downtown New Orleans and experience some of the best food in the world. Wake up in the morning and within an hour, your fly fishing in the best areas Louisiana or the world has to offer.  Customers rave about the experince of great fly fishing combined with the City of New Orleans. Good times abound here in the Big Easy. Your New Orleans saltwater fly fishing charter is just a few clicks away, you can book online or call me at 504-452-0550. Realize the New Orleans Louisiana fly fishing redfish dream, I know you want to. Louisiana fly fishing charter clients also enjoy the fact there are many direct flights into and out of  New Orleans Louisiana. The french quarter is always open for a more adult type of excitement.

I am a Native of Louisiana and the saltwater marsh south of New Orleans is my home, the Biloxi marsh is my playground, lets catch some Louisiana redfish Book online now

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